Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry. Real estate keeps getting hotter. How can savvy investors profit from both without saving for a down payment or going to jail?

Japan is known for it's ingenuity, efficiency, and work ethic - traits that helped the country become a booming economic powerhouse after the end of World War II. However, it all came crashing down in the 1990s. Japan entered a recession (known as the "Lost Decade") that continued through the turn of the century (the "Lost 20 Years") and still lingers to this day. 

How could a seemingly unstoppable force with decades of momentum come screeching to a halt? Economists say the bubble burst. With low interest rates, Japanese banks were lending more money with less regard for vetting borrowers. Inevitably, the economy crashed when borrowers couldn't repay their debts.  

Sounds like an open and shut case. Except. Economists seem to forget another thing Japan is well known for.

I ran into many roadblocks on my journey to becoming an intelligent investor. The biggest and hardest being that fundamental and technical analysis is too dry a discipline.

I couldn't wrap my hands around it. It was too rigid and unapproachable. All numbers and calculations. I needed something warmer and more inviting.

That's when I noticed my time dedicated to researching investments was spent on adult websites. Was I procrastinating or was the universe trying to tell me something?