Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry. Real estate keeps getting hotter. How can savvy investors profit from both without saving for a down payment or going to jail?

Buy Home Depot.

Legalized marijuana is inevitable in the US. More than half the states already have some form of legalization and Canada has legalized it completely. While large corporations are still out of the picture, small businesses and individual growers are flooding the fledgling marketplace. This points to a huge growing demand for small scale hydroponics. Currently, there are no prominent hydroponic specific retailers. Home Depot is poised to capitalize on this market as the current leader in gardening supplies.

Real estate is another hot market that will benefit Home Depot. Existing home sales in 2016 were the highest since 2006 and there's no signs of slowing down any time soon[1]. Spending on home improvement will increase as sellers and buyers renovate their homes. Baby boomers are also entering retirement and choosing to renovate their homes[2]. Furthermore, new technologies like 3D printing and Microsoft Hololens are helping to streamline DIY projects[3].

The most evident proof that real estate is heating up is the popularization of the porn site Propertysex. It features scenes involving real estate agents and is currently the 10th most popular channel on Pornhub with over 420,000,000 views[4]. It even has it's own spin off VR channel. This shows that real estate scenarios are so commonplace people are having fantasies about them. School girls and babysitters should take note and start working towards their real estate license. 

In conclusion, buy a house if possible. Grow some weed if possible. Otherwise, invest in Home Depot.