I ran into many roadblocks on my journey to becoming an intelligent investor. The biggest and hardest being that fundamental and technical analysis is too dry a discipline.

I couldn't wrap my hands around it. It was too rigid and unapproachable. All numbers and calculations. I needed something warmer and more inviting.

That's when I noticed my time dedicated to researching investments was spent on adult websites. Was I procrastinating or was the universe trying to tell me something?

Certainly I was procrastinating but I had a eureka moment anyways. As I cleaned up, the Stack and Jack Principle came to me.

It's an obvious principle as old as time. People love getting off. The earliest cave drawings were of crude boobs. The first poems were dirty limericks. Photography, motion picture, the internet, you name it. All for the purpose of self satisfaction.

So if there's any factor that can predict what will go up or down, it's porn. Porn tells us what people instinctively like. Not what they pretend to like, not what they think society wants them to like, but what they genuinely like. 

Nowadays, with more available information about porn trends, it's possible to make porn data driven investments.